At HAYBER Security Services, we are glad to be among top of security suppliers who offer proficient and exceptionally capable, proactive safety officer with client care. We provide premier security services in UK to a wide range of industries. Our security divisions include Mobile Security Patrols, Out of Hours Security, Security Guards, Vacant Property Inspections, Gateman & Traffic Marshalls, Front of House & Concierge.
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Our manned security services include:

Security Guard

Whether you’ve a small business owner or the manager of big supermarket, recruiting a guard is important for your company’s safety. You’ll sleep good, knowing that there’s Hayber security officer to stop petty crimes like stealing, mischief etc. Not only that, they will aid your workers, safeguard your premises and guide customers in addition.  READ MORE….

Mobile Security Patrol

Our mobile patrol unit could are terribly effective visible deterrent; they’ll deter theft/vandalism and take away any unauthorized individuals off site. Our skilled and uniformed mobile patrol services will ease your concerns day and night. It offers a price effective different to static guards wherever constant presence is needed. However still offers high visible area unit going to build random or regular security patrols of your such that locations which suggests you’ll have the peace of mind knowing we have a tendency to are patrolling precisely the areas needed. READ MORE….

Vacant Property Inspections

Empty Property Inspections give a practical answer for avert trespass, property harm and other enemy of social practices, while guaranteeing a property stays secure and vacant, while recording meter readings and other Client explicit measures and prerequisites. READ MORE…


You may have already got the top-of-the-line in alarm systems and observation services to guard your business, property and personnel. though these security measures are very important to any strong security program, they’re typically not enough. With the sheer range of distinctive risks that we tend to face nowadays, business homeowners ought to contemplate all of their security choices. READ MORE….

Gateman and Traffic Marshals

Our experienced and dedicated team of licensed Gate people and Traffic Marshals can ensure a safe flow of pedestrian and vehicle traffic through your site or premises, working to safety best practice and in compliance with all regulations. READ MORE….

Front of House Concierge

When running a hotel, the front of house staff are the first ones to interact with guests.  It could be argued that this makes front of house staff the most important in the entire hotel.  People make their first impression of a place, person or environment within just a few seconds. READ MORE….