Security Gaurd

Searching for the perfect security guard to look after your business? 

Whether you’ve a small business owner or the manager of big supermarket, recruiting a guard is important for your company’s safety. You’ll sleep good, knowing that there’s Hayber security officer to stop petty crimes like stealing, mischief etc. Not only that, they will aid your workers, safeguard your premises and guide customers in addition. 

Armed Security Guards – Your Best Defense

You may have already got the top-of-the-line in alarm systems and observation services to guard your business, property and personnel. though these security measures are very important to any strong security program, they’re typically not enough. With the sheer range of distinctive risks that we tend to face nowadays, business homeowners ought to contemplate all of their security choices.

Hayber security guards are one in all the foremost effective suggestion that secure your valuable assets and protective what’s most significant to you.  
Hayber security has been providing the country’s best armed security guards across a good vary of industries for over twenty five years. Our armed guards represent the cream of the crop once it involves non-public security for events, executives and VIPs, residential communities, non-public parties and workplaces. we tend to work with off-duty and retired enforcement and military personnel.
Whether you need short-run help for a one-time event, multi-month security detail for a construction project or a long security relationship for your property, Hayber security can partner with you to exceed your security goals. Our armed guards are famous nationwide to be skilled, extremely competent and effective. the employment of force is rarely a desired outcome. However, within the event that force is required, you wish to understand that your armed security guards are trained and ready to act. 

Why Your Business need Security Guards

While there are several vital advantages to having Hayber security presence for your business, the first roles for associate Hayber security guard are to discourage potential threats and to actively answer immediate threats. Our armed guards shrewdness to handle a range of things with the protection of your individuals and your property as their preferred priority. 
In the event that the aggressor decides to maneuver forward together with his criminal plans, Hayber security guard will take immediate action in responding to the threat. Our guards can apprehend specifically the way to cope with the threat, victimization their specialized coaching and information to act quickly and fittingly. Not only Hayber security guards are extremely trained within the use of weapons and firearms, however they conjointly receive coaching in conflict resolution and different decrease ways to permit for the chance of a peaceful resolution.  

OUR security guards will perform

  • Threat assessments 
  • Conducting foot and vehicle patrols 
  • Event and property access
  • Communicating with enforcement 
  • Providing help to the general public
  • Reporting and work security events 
  • Assisting management in security tasks PRN